In the ever-changing recruitment scenario today, we are well aware that the key of every organization’s success is the quality of service ‘during and after’. We have extensive hands of experience in all aspects of the recruitment and to resolve problems faced during the foreign workers contracted period. Other Services provides such as pre- employment screening, headhunting, remuneration administration, employee relations, training and consultancy relating Foreign Workers as well as Local workers.
  • Foreign workers supply for all approved sectors
We understand the clients’ needs and by matching them with the best possible request, appropriate resources and sustainable manpower supply.
  • Direct application for foreign worker’s approval
Providing an effective process and trouble-shoot on application for quota approval.
  • Immigration and visa services
Our services covers from Obtaining Work Permit & Permit Extension, Temporary E-Card program, PATI rehiring program, calling visa work permit application, work permit renewal, maid permit renewal, check out memo (C.O.M.), special pass for overstay. We also provide consultancy for Professional Visa for Expatriate (DP10) and long term and Multiple Social Visit Pass.
  • Foreign workers insurance coverage
Foreign Workers Hospitalization Surgical Scheme (FWHS) to provide financial relief for the employer in the event of death, hospitalization or repatriation of their foreign workers and worker runaway bond under Foreign Worker Insurance Guarantee (FWIG).
  • Permanent and Contract Basis Staffing
Search of permanent staff according to needs, interview and screening to ensure qualification are met or by strengthening your workforce without absorbing them full time, assist overloaded employees during critical times, and keep projects moving on Temporary Basis for a short term.
  • Local staffing and executive search
Our team has the experience to source and helped our clients land quality candidates who have it in them to be in the position.
  • Payroll outsource service provider
Arrangement from opening of bank account to calculation for overtime and monthly payroll services for workers.
  • Hostel and transportation management for foreign workers
We can provide and handle accommodation, lodging security, transportation and maintenance affairs for foreign workers and implement an effective and preventative strategies for workers’ discipline management.
  • Foreign domestic helper
If you are looking for a domestic helper, At EXELITE, we have a very experience recruitment and training personnel that ensure our domestic helpers and maids acquire sufficient knowledge and skills in professionally managing household chores no matter in which country, as the candidates will undergo a 15 day training accredited and will be awarded a TSD NCII Certificate upon completion. We recruit candidates from Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam.


We at EXELITE are well aware of the needs to ensure that the employment of foreign workers not only done to make the numbers at a factory or a job site but there will be numerous matters that need due-consideration. We have the experience to resolve matters faced by many employers concerning foreign workers. Communication has always been the barrier towards good and mature understanding between both. We strive to bridge the communication gap. We have foreign counselors and representatives that are sent by Our partnering recruitment agencies from various countries to assist the foreign workers, to provide solutions to resolve any disputes and to ensure that the welfare of the workers is met according to the requirement and as per terms and conditions of employment.

Resolve Any Matter


We will always be ready to dispatch our team to try to resolve any matter involving the foreign workers, being misunderstanding or disputes over work or money.

Foreign Worker Counselors

We always have the foreign worker’s counselors and representative to make up the team in resolving any matter. These foreign counselors are sent by the recruitment agencies from the various country to assist the foreign worker concerned to understand his/her requirement as the employee.

Pay A Visit


We will pay a visit on a regular basis to the factory or worksite to maintain the close relationship with its clients and ensure that the employers and employees are satisfied with their roles and responsibilities.